Monday, 17 May 2010

We have Growth!

Well I dug the pea trenches and filled with scrap salads and peelings
A fellow allotmenteer offered me this advice...I'm up for trying whatever I'm advised!
My lettuces in the tunnel are popping up nicely
And so is My rocket...

This little fella is our new friend
He pops up everytime we get to the lottie and follows us about
quite bizarre!
Might have to name him if he keeps doing it!

All in all its looking pretty bare as Im behind everyone else
Hopefully not for too Long.

A neighbours lottie full of flowers is absolutely beautiful
and I love stopping for a moment to appreciate it.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Miss C's Patch

I feel its important for the kids to get involved while Papa & I are learning how to grow our own food so that they can learn too. Miss C & Master N have both become very enthusiastic...
Shame the other two are not as keen.
Oh well maybe later.
Miss C has her own patch that Ive told her she can plant whatever she likes.
So far she has strawberries & onions.

Papa & Master N have contructed me a lovely rustic bench from scrap wood that normally would have gone on the fire at home.
Very Happy!

Making a Start

The first thing I needed was a compost Bin.
Papa got three old crates and tied them together.
We will still need to put a front door on so I can open it and turn the compost over from time to time.
I also wanted a poly tunnel but really dont want to pay out for one so we made made from scraps of wood and a polythene sheet.
I really want to use as much recycled material as possible.
Inside I planted lettuce, Tomarto's and chillies in rows.
Not sure the chillies will take as I think they need to be a little warmer really but we will see.
In the bed next to the tunnel I've planted my onion sets in alternate rows with carrot seeds.
Someone told me that the carrot fly do not like the onion fly so they avoid eachother if grown close together.
Hopefully it will work.
As we were digging over there were some left behind potato plants
I lifted them and re-planted just as an experiment really to see if I get any spuds from them.

Papa is giving my little shed a coat of protection...
Dont want to have to replace it so really need to take care of it....
Not to mention pretty it up!

I have also planted out two rows of seed potatoes.
I will put some more in at a later date.
Ahhhh Progress has been made
Think we are addicted already!

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Big Dig

Ok So I just couldn't wait to get down the allotment and make a start on digging over the whole plot and weeding my heart out.
While we were over there we bumped into our neighbour who also has a plot...
Although he is a true professional and has a 10 rod plot.
He gave us a few pointers and got stuck in with helping us turn the soil over.
Feel like I had a Real Good Workout!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Day One

Its nearing the end of April and I've been on the waiting list for an allotment for 6 mths now.
I've always wanted to grow my own and when the lady from our local allotments rang me and told me my number was up I was thrilled!

Me & Papa rushed over there and were dying to see which plot we had been allocated

Really Lucky that its a pretty clear patch...
Only a 5 rod...But that will do me for now as we are novices.

We inherited a whole row of raspberry canes which I'm so happy about as I'm keen to make jam
Saves me a few quid not having to buy any :-)

We also have a lovely big bottle brush plant that I think gets bright orange flowers that resemble (strangely enough) Bottle brushes and a couple of very useful water butts...

And a lovely little shed

Really eager now to get started!